Our Sailing trip in the Northern Sea

Our trip to Netherlands started early in the morning. We drove about 11 hours and had some time to visit Amsterdam – unfortunately it wasn’t enough time. We did a “Grachtenfahrt” there. Although it was a short stay – Amsterdam was unique and beautiful.
We arrived at 9pm at the harbour in Harlingen and the first hours on the boat were very exciting, we brought our stuff on the boat and met our captains Ronald and Eric and the dog Sheela. Of course in the evening everybody was very sleepy.

The second day we had breakfast at 8am and put up the sails afterwards. Now we sailed on the “Wattenmeer” with the help of our skippers – that was cool until the sail got damaged and we had to stay on the island “Texel” for the following two days. We rented bikes and did a bike tour to the biggest city of Texel Den Burg. The city is quite different from Reutlingen – there weren’t so many shopping facilities. But it was spectacular how fast we could ride the bikes because of the heavy wind in our back. In the evening we cycled to the sandy beach.
The third day we had to get up early because we had to drive to the next harbour. Now we sailed on the “Ijsselmeer”. The weather was stormy, cold and rainy. At 2pm we arrived in Medemblik and stayed there for some time and thought we could find some shops. But the harbour was very small and there was only a small supermarket, a chemist and a kiosk – a bit boring. So in the evening we did a walk together around the harbour with all the class. Afterwards we played cards and Lea created handmade bracelets for everybody of the crew.

On the fourth day the wind was strong enough, so we started our 4 hour sailing trip to Makkum. It was a perfect morning because the sun was shining and we had lots of fun together. We sailed for the first time without the engine – that was a great experience. After we arrived there Bene, Anna and Dina jumped into the icy cold water – that was so funny. Because it was the last evening we were allowed to stay out longer. So we walked around the island and went to a little disco – some of us had a kebab for 6 Euros each.
On our last day we could sleep a little longer and sailed back to Harlingen. There we had to clean the whole boat and also packed our stuff. Some of us also had to tidy the decks. We still had some time left – and spend our money at Aldi for some food for the journey.
We arrived at Reutlingen after a 10 hour journey – somehow it was sad to be back. It was a great trip and it was good for the friendship and relations in the class – we had a lot of fun during the week in Netherlands. Next time we should stay longer…

Texts are written by Ali, Alina, Caro, David, Dajana, Dina, Laura and Lea